It’s important to maintain your Isuzu D-MAX so as to ensure optimum standards of safety and performance. Isuzu UTE Australia recommends that you have your D-MAX serviced by one of our authorised Isuzu UTE service technicians who are consistently trained to keep up to date on product developments, equipped with the right diagnostic tools and the use of Isuzu Genuine Parts.

Vehicle Maintenance

Normal regular maintenance and replacement of service items are the responsibility of the owner. Weather and atmospheric conditions, varying road surfaces, individual driving habits and vehicle usage greatly contribute to the need for regular or additional maintenance service. See your Owner’s and Driver’s Manual for specific maintenance instructions covering each component of the vehicle. To help you get the utmost in satisfaction and extended service from your vehicle the principal service and replacement items are summarised below:


Heat, cold, dusty conditions or unusually wet weather all contribute to the need for lubrication at regular intervals. In addition to the regular maintenance services at the recommended intervals, parking brake linkage, and cab parts such as door and hood latches and hinges, weather strips, etc. should receive attention at every oil change. As part of the periodic lubrication service, all lubricant and fluid levels should be checked.

Wheel Alignment & Wheel Balance

Wheel alignment & wheel balanceare affected by operating conditions such as hitting road holes and curbs, rapid stop and starts, tyre skidding etc. Wheel alignments and balancing service contribute to longer tyre life and better vehicle handling.

Tyre Rotation

Rapid acceleration, quick stops, vehicle speed and loading affect tyres and can cause uneven wear. Tyres should be rotated regularly for uniform wear and ensure maximum life.

Brake Service

Brake linings are subject to wear from usage depending upon driving conditions and driving habits of each individual driver. Check brake lining condition at the recommended intervals.

Engine Oil Change & Filters

Change engine oil, and air, fuel and oil filters at recommended intervals.

Transmission Oil Change

Extended use and contamination affect transmission fluid. To assure efficient operation, transmission oil should be drained and fresh fluid added, and strainer (if necessary) replaced, at the recommended intervals.

Belt Adjustment

To assure proper performance of belt-driven components, all belts should be checked and adjusted periodically.

Carbon Deposits

Some carbon build-up is normal in the combustion chambers of any engine, the amount of carbon build is dependent upon oil and fuel quality and operating conditions. For best results follow the oil and fuel recommendation in the Owner's and Driver's Manual.

Air Conditioner

Annual maintenance is necessary to assure proper performance. Adding of refrigerant may be necessary from time to time.

Paint, Chrome & Trim

Paint, chrome & trim are affected by normal wear and exposure. Proper maintenance and care of these items can add to their appearance and durability.

Replacement Items

Brake Linings

Brake linings are directly affected by driving habits and use; the replacement of brake linings and the reconditioning of brake drums should be performed when necessary.

Clutch Disc

Life is directly affected by driving habit and use; the replacement of clutch disc should be performed when necessary.


Filters perform the important function of cleaning air, fuel or oil and should be serviced at recommended intervals.

Wiper Blades

Life is depended upon use and climatic conditions. Wiper blades should be replaced when necessary.
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